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Employment Law
Firefighters’ shift pattern breached Working Time Regulations

The High Court has ruled that a 96-hour shift pattern for firefighters was unlawful because it breached the Working Time Regulations 1998.

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Firm discriminated against pregnant woman by extending probation

The Employment Tribunal has ruled that an employer discriminated against a woman when it extended her probationary period after discovering she was pregnant.

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Dismissing employee for failing to complete training was ‘not unfair’

A pharmaceutical company was within its rights to dismiss an employee who failed to complete mandatory online training courses.

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Social media: snooping in the recruitment process

Recruitment processes can only tell you so much about a job applicant. If an individual is active on social media, surely it is prudent for recruiting employers to examine their online profile to find out more? The practice of online screening is becoming widespread. In this article, we explain why employers need to be careful about when they screen and what they do with the information they obtain.

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