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Commercial Law
Winding up and closing down a company cleanly

While many founders and business owners will implement succession plans to sell or pass their business to a new generation of owners, sometimes it is clear that you have reached the end of the road and the best decision is to call it a day and close the company. Having made this tough decision, you will need to plan the best approach to achieve this cleanly and cost-effectively before the final closure can be made official.

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Contract pricing in commercial agreements – pitfalls to avoid

If you are a fan of Marmite or Hellman's mayonnaise, you may recall a brief dispute that broke out between Tesco and Unilever in late 2016 which led to the supermarket temporarily suspending the sale of a range of popular branded products. The dispute arose following the UK's decision to leave the EU when the value of the pound tumbled, the cost of imported goods rose, and Unilever increased UK wholesale prices to Tesco.

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Business checklist for admitting a new partner

If you have decided that the time has come to admit a new member to your partnership, then there are a number of important steps that you will need to take in preparation.

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Ecommerce refresher for retailers trading online in the UK

Ecommerce is a fast-moving medium for retailers and, whether you have an established online presence or are just starting out, a periodic review of changes in the law and trading regulations can help ensure your business runs smoothly.

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