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JPP Law Blog

2017 March
What you Need to Think About When Outsourcing Business Functions

Have you thought about outsourcing any of your business functions to a third-party provider?  If so, you are not alone; many businesses have turned to outsourcing in recent years to achieve different business objectives, including:

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Employment law changes taking place from April 2017

Employment law is a fast-changing area and as an employer you need to stay up to date with developments to ensure that you are acting lawfully.  Most employment law changes take place in April and October each year. JPP looks at what is happening in April 2017 and what you need to do.

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A Beginners Guide to Shareholders Agreements

A Beginners Guide to Shareholders Agreements This video, hosted by JPP's Managing Partner Mark Glenister, looks at Shareholders Agreements - why you should have one and what it can do for your business. 

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What do Personal Guarantees Mean?

What do Personal Guarantees Mean? A limited liability company protects the personal assets of the shareholders but that can often hinder finance options so business owners often become Personal Guarantors. So what exactly are the implications of becoming a Personal Guarantor? In this short video JPP's Managing Partner Mark Glenister explains ........

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