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JPP Law Blog

2017 May
Dealing with contract disputes

Falling out with someone you do business with because of a contract dispute can be emotionally draining, costly and time-consuming.  Sometimes there is a complete breakdown in trust which makes it impossible for you to continue working together.   On other occasions your relationship might be salvaged if you can agree a way to resolve your differences.  In either case, when a breach of contract occurs it is important that you know your rights and the options available to you to try to sort things out.

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Obliging older police officers to retire was not age discrimination

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that a decision by several police forces to oblige some of their older officers to retire was not age discrimination as it was the only way to reduce staffing levels following budget cuts.

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Supreme Court Rulings Help Clarify Law on Indirect Discrimination

The Supreme Court has provided two rulings that help clarify the law on indirect discrimination in the workplace.

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Finance Company Protects Its Business Against Former Employee

A finance company has succeeded in using its employment contracts to prevent competition from a former employee for a set period.

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