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JPP Law Blog

2017 June
How can I tell if I have a valid contract?

You have been talking about the terms of a possible deal for a long time but you are not quite sure at what point your discussions turn from contract negotiations into a legally binding agreement.  In this article, Mark Glenister commercial law solicitor with JPP Law explains the essentials of contract formation.

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How to limit liability for a breach of contract

Commercial contracts often contain clauses which seek to limit the liability of one party if a breach of contract occurs.  It is important to understand how limitation of liability clauses work and in what circumstances this type of provision may be unlikely to be enforceable in the event of a dispute.

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Employee can claim damages for stigma of unfair dismissal

An employee can claim damages for the stigma of an unfair dismissal that made it highly unlikely he would ever find similar work again.

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Having trouble getting paid by a partnership?

If your business is owed money by a partnership, and previous efforts to recoup the debt have failed, you may now be considering what to do next.  Businesses in this situation have several options but are often attracted by what they perceive to be the quick fix of insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, but as JPP Law explains, this option is not available to everyone and may not always be appropriate.

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