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JPP Law Blog

2017 July
What legal considerations do I need to think about when setting up a business? (Part 1)

If you are considering setting up a business there are numerous decisions that you will have to make, including whether you will operate as a sole trader, in partnership with someone else or through a company.  With the last two options, you will also need to think about the structure of your business.

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New rules on debt recovery may delay payment of consumer debts

New rules on the procedure businesses must follow when trying to collect debts from individual customers could mean that you have to wait 90 days or more before you can issue court proceedings.  To limit the damage this may cause to your cash flow it is important to review your credit control procedures now before the new rules come into force on 1 October 2017.

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Ambulance staff win dispute over holiday pay and overtime

Overtime worked by ambulance staff during an emergency or when they can't avoid it the end of a shift should be included in their holiday pay calculation. 

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Advocate General affirms rights of workers to belated holiday pay

The EU's leading lawyer has stated that workers are entitled to claim unpaid holiday entitlement even after they have left their employment.

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