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JPP Law Blog

2017 September
Using settlement agreements to resolve employment issues

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts in which one person, usually an employee, agrees to waive their rights to bring a claim in the employment tribunal or a court in return for another person, typically their employer, agreeing to do something, such as paying them a sum of money and agreeing to give them a reference.

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Company protects itself after ex-employee copies client list

A company has been granted the right to examine a former employee's computer and electronic devices after he admitted taking a copy of its list of clients.

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Director in whistleblowing case was unfairly dismissed

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a director was unfairly dismissed after raising concerns about company practices in a whistleblowing case.

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Recovering unpaid rent from commercial tenants

A landlord faced with a tenant who is not paying their rent has two options: take steps to end the lease or try to recover the money owed.  If you decide to recover the rent you might find the commercial rent arrears recovery scheme a good option.

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