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JPP Law Blog

2018 January
Management buyouts: a quick guide for the management team looking to buy-in

The senior management team are the backbone of every business: they provide the vision, support and safeguarding needed for effective and efficient operation.  But if you dream of becoming the boss, do you have what it takes to become a business owner? In the second of a three-part series of articles on management buyouts, we consider this question and highlights some of the issues a management team will need to consider if thinking about making a bid for the business they work for.

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Dyson granted injunction to stop engineer working for rival

The Dyson group has been granted an injunction preventing one of its top engineers working for a rival company for 12 months.

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Top businesses must show how they stop sexual harassment

The recent sexual assault scandals involving MPs and Hollywood actors has prompted the Equality and Human Rights Commission to write to leading companies telling them they'll face legal action if they fail to deal with sexual harassment.

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Increase in claims after employment tribunal fees ruled unlawful

There has been a sharp rise in the number of employment tribunal cases since the Supreme Court ruled in July that the fees charged to bring claims were unlawful.

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