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JPP Law Blog

2018 January
Business disputes: can they ever be avoided?

When a dispute arises in the context of a business it will usually stem from a known risk, such as a customer not paying, an employee setting up in competition or a supplier breaching the terms of their contract.  Identifying and effectively managing the risks posed to your business can seriously reduce the likelihood of disputes arising and can ensure that, where problems do occur, the damage caused is minimal.

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Second blow for Uber as European Court rules it’s a taxi firm

Uber may have to reconsider its working practices after losing two major legal battles within two months.

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Firm must pay £400k over unlawful inducements to employees

An electrical firm has been ordered to pay a total of £418,000 to 56 of its employees after making unlawful inducements to them to change the terms of their employment contracts.

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