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JPP Law Blog

2018 February
Management buyouts: funding options

Getting the finance in place to enable a management buyout to proceed can be challenging for the management team.  There will be a number of people involved in the decision-making process, all of whom will have differing levels of experience, personal financial security and appetite for risk, and all of whom will be trying to pull a deal together while still doing their day job.  In these circumstances, it is essential for the business owner and management team to work together to get the buyout arrangement over the line.

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Black driver was unfairly dismissed due to his race

An Employment Tribunal has ruled that a black lorry driver who was sacked by a haulage company was discriminated against because of his race.

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Rejecting applicant for fear of future disability is ‘discriminatory’

It's discriminatory to reject a job applicant because you perceive that they may develop a disability in the future.

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Employer’s attempt to ‘soften the blow of dismissal’ backfires

Employers should be careful not to mislead an employee they wish to dismiss, even if it's to soften the blow for the person losing their job.

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