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JPP Law Blog

2018 April
Doctor’s dismissal for ‘racist comments’ was not unfair

An NHS surgeon dismissed for making racist comments was not unfairly dismissed or subjected to race discrimination.

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Primark must pay transgender employee £47,000 compensation

A transgender employee has won her claim of constructive dismissal after she was forced to resign following a series of discriminatory comments from her colleagues.

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Documentation preservation: a crucial pre-requisite in commercial disputes

When a commercial dispute arises, there will usually be a mad-dash to find out what happened and who is to blame.  Very often determining this will involve going back through a whole host of documents, some of which may be easy to lay your hands on and some of which may not.  Having systems in place which ensure that documentation relevant to a particular project or client is easily identifiable and retrievable is crucial in the bringing or defending of commercial claims.

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Company stops ‘loose cannon’ revealing information about clients

A company has prevented an aggrieved employee described as a 'loose cannon' from revealing confidential information about some of its clients, including a foreign government and a royal family.

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