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JPP Law Blog

2018 June
Social media: snooping in the recruitment process

Recruitment processes can only tell you so much about a job applicant. If an individual is active on social media, surely it is prudent for recruiting employers to examine their online profile to find out more? The practice of online screening is becoming widespread. In this article, we explain why employers need to be careful about when they screen and what they do with the information they obtain.

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Customer insolvency: checklist for businesses

The Insolvency Service says that corporate insolvencies are at a four-year high and that in 2017 nearly 100,000 individuals were declared bankrupt.  For businesses left out of pocket when a customer fails, the consequences can be devastating.  One only needs to look at the trail of devastation caused by the recent collapse of Maplins, Carillion and Toys R Us to see this.

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