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Start Up Case Study – Liz Pinks Marketing Recruitment

Background:  With 15 years recruitment experience under her belt, Liz Pinks decided it was time to set up her own recruitment firm to challenge and change the questionable reputation of the recruitment sector. It wasn't easy to go at it alone at first, but with the support from her partner, Liz took that leap and in May 2018 Liz Pinks Marketing Recruitment was born.

Liz's extensive experience and a knowledge of recruitment combined with the desire to do the right thing, Liz understood the importance of having the right processes and legalities in place when it comes to building longstanding business and client relationships. Liz says, "Long-term relationships, integrity and repeat business are more important to me than a quick win. I find the right candidate for the right job and the right job for the right candidate. If it's not right on either side, I'll tell you."

Finding JPP Law: Since the formation of her company Liz has realised just what being your own boss means. She is no longer just a recruitment consultant and now needs to understand accounting, marketing, admin and the legal aspects of the business. Her very supportive partner is now also her business partner and she says that every day they are faced with new business decisions. "I now spend about 40% of my time on other business functions and just 60% on my core skill of recruitment." Liz says. Unfortunately, for every new business owner this is something that they are faced with.

Finding trusted advisors, lawyers and accountants is an arduous task, but upon finding JPP Law for her legal requirements, Liz knew she was in very good hands.

JPP Law were instructed to draft Terms and Conditions, a Shareholder Agreement and a GDPR Policy but it wasn't straight forward. Liz commented "I spoke to numerous law firms and both the advice and price varied from firm to firm. When I spoke to JPP Law the recommendations Mark Glenister gave were clear and concise and the fees were very reasonable in comparison to other firms. It's worth shopping around until you find advisors that you feel comfortable with."

The Future: Liz Pinks Marketing Recruitment is just four months into the start up journey and it's going amazingly well. Processes are now clear and Liz can remain confident that LPMR is covered from the required legal stand points. Liz is also able to spend more time on her core function (and what she is good at), marketing recruitment and doing right by both her clients and candidates. 

We wish Liz the best of luck with her new and innovative marketing recruitment agency.

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