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Guidance for employers regarding the coronavirus from ACAS

With more cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), being reported in the UK each day, employers will be wondering how to handle the issue especially as they may need to react fast if a situation develops in the workplace or if there are concerns about the health of a particular employee.

JPP Law advises employers to get prepared with some sensible precautionary measures and highlights where to keep up to date on the latest guidance.

The best way for employers to keep abreast of the current advice is by visiting the following websites regularly:

Government guidance for employers and businesses

This website, with information from Public Health England and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, provides guidance on:

  • the novel coronavirus, COVID-19;
  • how to help prevent spread of all respiratory infections;
  • what to do if someone at work is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19;
  • what advice to give to individuals who have travelled to specific areas; and
  • actions to take if staff come into contact with someone who is self-isolating or is a possible or confirmed case of COVID-1

Acas - Good practice advice for employers

This website provides advice on practical issues, including:

  • sick pay
  • if employees do not want to go to work
  • if someone becomes unwell at work
  • if someone with coronavirus comes to work
  • if the employer needs to close the workplace
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