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Intellectual Property
Intellectual property licensing and negotiating your first deal

If you have developed a new product, or perhaps come up with an innovative way of doing something, you may find that other businesses who are keen to make use of your ideas or creations ask you to enter into an intellectual property (IP) licensing agreement.

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Brexit Business Review – opportunities, threats and advance preparation

The Brexit transition period deadline is drawing closer and yet the future is still very unclear. Whilst the UK government is telling UK businesses to prepare for Brexit, the lack of clarity on what the future holds has left many business leaders in a state of limbo. However, the business which can react, adapt and change quickly will be the business that survives and thrives.

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London to Paris Cycle Challenge - Mission Accomplished

Neither Anne nor I are particularly experienced cyclists. In the last nine months whilst training we have both cycled about 80 miles in one day but neither of us have cycled the mileage we are just about to endure, 95 miles with 3856 ft of climbing, and neither of us have cycled long distance on four consecutive days.

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