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JPP Law Blog

Setting up in business as a partnership

Setting up a new business is an exciting time, and there are a thousand things to think about, but if you are launching your new venture with one or more other colleagues it is imperative to decide in advance how you are going to structure it legally.

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New digital rules on the way for the UK will curb online harm and enable tech start-ups to take on the online giants

The UK's proposed new laws on Digital Regulation are set to strengthen protection against internet misuse and create space for new tech companies to take on the multi-national social media giants.

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New director-member joining your company? Time to review your shareholder agreement

If you are planning to appoint a new director to work in your business who will also acquire shares in your company then, as well as drawing up a service level agreement to govern their employment, you will also need to consider whether you need to make any changes to your current shareholder agreement.

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Mind the risk gap - best practice when using subcontractors

Whether you are planning on using subcontractors for a one-off project or on a long-term basis, there are several steps you can take to safeguard both your business and business relationships.

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