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JPP Law Blog

ThanksBox - A Start Up Case Study

Founded in late 2014, ThanksBox are helping HR and Leadership Teams deliver cultural change, with tools and insights. ThanksBox facilitates employee recognition, rewards and idea generation across all levels within the organisation. The concept is impressive, and it has been implemented by some big organisations such as the NHS and endorsed by the professional body for human resources, The CIPD.

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Tribd - Start Up Case Study

Helping adventure travellers to find like-minded adventure travellers. Entrepreneur, Irena Miroforidu is at the beginning of her start up journey. Her business idea came to her during a a solo surfing holiday in Guatemala in 2016. In June 2017 she begun to turn a seed of an idea into a commercial reality. In January 2018 she registered her business, Tribd.

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A Beginners Guide to Shareholders Agreements

A Beginners Guide to Shareholders Agreements This video, hosted by JPP's Managing Partner Mark Glenister, looks at Shareholders Agreements - why you should have one and what it can do for your business. 

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What do Personal Guarantees Mean?

What do Personal Guarantees Mean? A limited liability company protects the personal assets of the shareholders but that can often hinder finance options so business owners often become Personal Guarantors. So what exactly are the implications of becoming a Personal Guarantor? In this short video JPP's Managing Partner Mark Glenister explains ........

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