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We hope you will find these articles about different aspects of commercial law, and information about us and the way we work, interesting and useful. We would appreciate your comments, and please do share the articles if others might find them helpful.

Employee wellbeing: your responsibilities as an employer

Bowls of fresh fruit and mindfulness sessions are becoming increasingly common in the workplace as employers try to promote the wellbeing of their staff. A successful wellbeing strategy can improve employee attendance and retention, as well as productivity.  It can also help shield you from compensation claims brought by employees for stress-related conditions which may be exacerbated by their work.

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Getting ready to sell your business

Whether or not you are starting to think about retirement, if you have any plans to sell your business in the future then there are steps that you can take to ensure that you achieve the best price for your business and to sell it on the most favourable terms.  It is worth investing time and effort to ensure that your business is presented as attractively as possible before you start to market it to potential purchasers

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Continuous improvement – or an unexpectedly costly invention?

Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement are buzzwords in almost every organisation, as businesses seek to identify something that will give them a competitive edge and ultimately improve their profitability. 

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Huge rise in homophobia claims to employment tribunals

There has been a surge in homophobia claims to Employment Tribunals over the last 12 months.

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