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Welcome to the JPP Law Blog

We hope you will find these articles about different aspects of commercial law, and information about us and the way we work, interesting and useful. We would appreciate your comments, and please do share the articles if others might find them helpful.

The value of a non-disclosure agreement in keeping pre-contract negotiations confidential

In the last few months, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have generated a significant amount of negative press coverage as notable individuals and organisations have utilised them to conceal certain questionable behaviour.

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Resolving a business insurance dispute

When fire engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, people from across the globe rushed to pledge money to help fund the repair costs.  It was a staggering show of generosity that will almost certainly see this iconic French cathedral restored to glory and will secure its future for generations to come.

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One year of GDPR: staying on the right side of the regulations

We are now one year into the new, tougher data protection regime under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Brexit or no Brexit, these rules are not going away any time soon. We take a look through what the first year has taught us and provide a checklist to help employers continue to comply.

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Best or reasonable endeavours? What a difference a word makes

Once signed, a contract represents a formal record of the agreement made between you and your customer. The obligations under that agreement are often absolute, with any failure to satisfy them will be considered a breach of contract which could result in a dispute, and considerable expense.

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