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Covid-19 policy for e-commerce and amendments to delivery and refund policies

Coronavirus has seen a large increase in online shopping and businesses have had to respond just as quickly to adapt to the new norm. Part of this change requires careful consideration of how you should change your terms and conditions of sale, particularly when it comes to handling deliveries and refunds.

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Post Lockdown Considerations for Employers

Following lockdown are you considering restructuring how you staff your business?

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Are your contracts fit for purpose in this new world of business?

If you are one of the thousands of business owners in the UK who have had to adapt during the past couple of months to survive the coronavirus pandemic, then it is likely that some of your contractual arrangements may not have kept pace with all the changes you have made.

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Fundraising Information and Opportunities

As a law firm proactive in the start-up sector we can support the legal aspect of your fundraising activity. In addition, via our connections who also operate in the sector, we have access to additional resources and information which may be valuable to organisations seeking finance or investment.

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