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Ten Reasons to Review your Data Protection Procedures and Policies

It has been over two years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force for EU countries, and the UK put it on the domestic statute book with the Data Protection Act 2018. At the time of implementation GDPR was a high-profile topic and organisations across the country were frantically reviewing and changing processes to ensure compliance with the new Act. Two years on it seems that some organisations have side-lined Data Protection as a priority which creates the risk of a Data Protection Act breach and potential fines from the ICO.

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Data Protection reminder in the age of track and trace and working from home

Since March 2020, businesses have had to change the way that they work and, while technology has facilitated many of these changes, it is important not to lose sight of obligations in regard to data protection policies and procedures.

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Seven reasons to update your Shareholders Agreement

The shareholders agreement is often one of those documents that startups sometimes forgo or even 'bootstrap' by cutting and pasting from other documents without taking independent legal advice.

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Share Options and Covid 19

Whilst the economy struggles to recover from the pandemic setting up a share option scheme may be the perfect way to incentivise, motivate and keep your staff feeling valued and performing well - at a very low cost to your business.

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