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Woman placed on higher grade loses appeal over pay rises

A woman who was put on a higher pay grade as a way of protecting her salary following a job re-evaluation did not have an automatic right to be receive future increases.

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Who owns the intellectual property rights to your website?

It is easy to think that once you have purchased your domain name, written your content and hired a web developer to implement your designs, the rights to your website will belong to you.  However, very often this will not be the case.

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Dyslexic employee wins race and disability discrimination claim

A dyslexic employee has won a disability discrimination claim because her employer failed to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate her condition. Her race discrimination claim which was originally dismissed by the employment tribunal due to lack of evidence is to be reconsidered because they tribunal need 'to be alive to the possibility of unconscious discrimination as well as overt discrimination.'

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Airline ‘is obliged’ to negotiate with union over pilot rostering

An airline has been told that it is obliged to negotiate with trade union representatives about rostering arrangements for its pilots.

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