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Four ways to avoid a dispute with your construction project

If your business is expanding, then you may find yourself contemplating building an extension or even new premises.  Whatever the scale of the project, any construction work will be a major distraction from your usual business activities and you will not want further disruption from a potential dispute with your contractor.

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Start Up Case Study – Liz Pinks Marketing Recruitment

Background:  With 15 years recruitment experience under her belt, Liz Pinks decided it was time to set up her own recruitment firm to challenge and change the questionable reputation of the recruitment sector. It wasn't easy to go at it alone at first, but with the support from her partner, Liz took that leap and in May 2018 Liz Pinks Marketing Recruitment was born.

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Resolving a minority shareholder dispute

Power among the shareholders of a company is generally measured by the size of their shareholdings and accordingly their voting rights.  Usually, the more shares you hold the more power you have over the company itself.

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Why you need a shareholders agreement?

The Commercial Team at JPP Law outline the reasons why every company should have a shareholders agreement.

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