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Management buyouts: funding options

Getting the finance in place to enable a management buyout to proceed can be challenging for the management team.  There will be a number of people involved in the decision-making process, all of whom will have differing levels of experience, personal financial security and appetite for risk, and all of whom will be trying to pull a deal together while still doing their day job.  In these circumstances, it is essential for the business owner and management team to work together to get the buyout arrangement over the line.

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Bus driver who became stranded in flood wins dismissal claim

A bus driver who was fired after driving his vehicle into a flooded area has won his claim of unfair dismissal.

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Company must compensate employees for breach of contract

Three employees have won claims of unfair dismissal and breach of contract after their employer tried to alter the terms of their pay structure.

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Woman told harassment claim was ‘immature’ awarded £15,000

A woman who was told she was "immature" for complaining about sexual harassment at work has been awarded £15,000.

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