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Covid-19 and changes to payment processing

Cash was king, but now it is seen as a potential carrier of Covid-19 and to keep cash transactions to a minimum, cashless payment systems are becoming essential.  For some organisations this will be new territory, while for others online payments have been integral to the business for many years.  Either way, there are several important issues for consumer-facing business owners to think about as they aim to become Covid-secure.

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Employees, workers or freelancers?

With Covid-19 resulting in a sudden reduction of work for many businesses some employers may be considering whether to staff their businesses differently in the future. There is a superficial attraction to using freelancers or contractors rather than employing people as there is no obligation to provide any work (and therefore no fixed salary payable) to freelances or contractors. However, businesses should be aware that seeking to re-label an employment relationship as one of self-employment will not be effective and can result in claims in the employment tribunal as well as back taxes, fines and penalties being due to HMRC.

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Covid-19 policy for e-commerce and amendments to delivery and refund policies

Coronavirus has seen a large increase in online shopping and businesses have had to respond just as quickly to adapt to the new norm. Part of this change requires careful consideration of how you should change your terms and conditions of sale, particularly when it comes to handling deliveries and refunds.

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Post Lockdown Considerations for Employers

Following lockdown are you considering restructuring how you staff your business?

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