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Contract termination – securing the right to walk away

When negotiating a contract it is easy to become fixated on the terms governing who will do what, by when and for how much.  However, equal thought needs to be given to what happens if things go wrong and in particular your rights of termination.

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How to avoid a dispute arising from bailment

From the hire of company cars to the shipping of goods, the term 'bailment' encapsulates one of the most common forms of legal relationship for those operating a business.

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Merging with another privately-owned company

A merger occurs when two companies, which are often about the same size, agree to join together to form a new entity. Mergers are friendly, whereas acquisitions tend to be more hostile and occur when a target company realizes that they have no option but to ensure their survival by being bought by the other company.

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Common causes of boardroom disputes

All company directors have one overarching duty which is to promote the success of their business.  This duty on one hand seems a simple notion but, as Mark Glenister a specialist in Commercial Law at JPP Law explains, differences of opinion about how success will be achieved can lead to boardroom disputes and have a detrimental effect on the company's success.

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