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Employee heard manager say her dismissal was ‘work in progress’

A pharmacy dispenser has won her claim of constructive dismissal after her employers spoke openly about her case before it had been concluded.

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Are ‘no oral modification’ clauses effective in the event of a dispute?

As a general rule the courts try not to interfere in commercial contracts when a dispute arises as they rightly believe that businesses are best placed to negotiate the terms on which they will deal with each other and, save for in very limited circumstances, that they should be bound by the deal they have struck.

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Optician was discriminated against following maternity leave

An optician has won her claim of unfair dismissal and discrimination after her employer tried to reclaim training costs following her maternity leave.

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Two days made all the difference in employer’s right to dismiss

Timing can be crucial when deciding to dismiss an employee, as shown in a recent case before the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).

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