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JPP Diversity
Survey 2015

JPP Law is committed to providing equal opportunities to all applicants, employees, consultants and to complying with all applicable laws. Here are the results of our 2015 diversity survey:

Select the category which best describes your role in the firm
Do you have a share in the ownership of your organisation (eg equity partner, shareholder)?
Do you have responsibility for supervising or managing the work of lawyers or other employees?
From the list of age bands below, please indicate the category that includes your current age in years:
What is your gender?
Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act?
Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?
What is your ethnic group?
Did you mainly attend a state or fee paying school between the ages 11 - 18?
If you went to University (to study a BA, BSc course or higher), were you part of the first generation of your family to do so?
Are you a primary carer for a child or children under 18?
Do you look after, or give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others?