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Fixed Fee Shareholder Agreements

Fixed Fee Shareholder Agreements

JPP Law understand that young and start-up businesses fear spiralling legal costs which is why we offer fixed fee shareholder agreements

Get an expertly crafted shareholders agreement for a reasonable, fixed price

We have over 15 years experience in helping companies or investors who need a shareholders agreement at this exciting stage in their development.

JPP  will take the time to listen to what you need and create a shareholders agreement designed specifically for you.

Why you might need a shareholders agreement:

  • A business angel or similar is about to invest in shares in your business
  • Your business has (or is about to have) 2 or more shareholders
  • You are setting up a new company with others
  • You are considering making an angel investment in a company
A good shareholders agreement will lay out the rights and responsibilities of all parties up front. We can advise you on how best to make responsibilities clear, manage risks, guard against dilution of your shareholding and prepare for profitable exits at a later stage.

Need legal advice?

JPP Law offers fixed price shareholders agreements. If you would like a no onligation quote please use Calendly to book your free consultantion with a member of our legal team.  During the call the solciitor will talk to you about your requirements and then follow up the call with a written fixed fee quote. 

Additional Information

Creating a Shareholder Agreement: 18 Questions to Answer

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