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Free Policy on Homeworking during Coronavirus pandemic

Free Policy on Homeworking during Coronavirus pandemic

To support businesses during these difficult times we are providing a free policy on ‘Homeworking during Coronavirus pandemic’

The sudden and urgent requirement for employees to work from home has forced some employers to implement homeworking without the normal preparation and before policies are in place. In these unprecedented times this is understandable but it is still highly advisable to issue a policy, so these new homeworkers understand the rights, obligations and expectations of both the employee and employer, particularly as the current signs are that homeworking may be required for many weeks or months.

To support businesses in this situation we are providing a free policy on ‘Homeworking during Coronavirus pandemic’ which has been drafted specifically for this current pandemic. This is suitable for staff who typically work at a computer or on the telephone. Additional considerations obviously apply to other types of workers such as staff handling dangerous substances while working from home.

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