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Law Firms

Law Firms

We help UK and overseas law firms retain their clients and add value to their service offering with our sub-contracting services.

What do you do when your client asks for your help on an area of law that you don't practise?

Tell them you can't help? Refer to another firm? Instruct Council?

Each of these options puts your client relationship at risk.

A long term loyal client may continue to use the services you offer but go elsewhere for the additional legal advice. But then you and your firm, are no longer involved in a potentially significant part of your client's legal affairs.

A newer client may be tempted to 'jump ship' to a full service legal firm.

In today's highly competitive legal market place, where clients are becoming increasingly fickle, your client retention strategy is important.


JPP Law provide sub-contracting services.

We are a virtual law firm who specialise in Corporate and Commercial Law. The firm is structured in such a way that we can offer 'London City expertise' at virtual law firm prices but with no compromise on quality. All our lawyers have previously achieved partner status with a high profile law firm.

Sub-contracting enables you to offer your clients, and prospective clients, advice beyond your firm's skillset but you still maintain the client interface.

How it Works

Your client owns a business but he's nearing retirement age, wants to sell and he's found a buyer.

Using JPP's sub-contracting service you take the client instruction for the business sale.

At this stage you can choose whether to disclose JPP's involvement or not. That choice is yours. All the correspondence to follow is prepared by JPP but can be sent via you on your firms email and letterhead.

With regards to the fees you will invoice the client and keep the fees. JPP will charge your firm an agreed fixed, capped or time based charge. This approach avoids referral fees. You can then charge your client an enhanced fee or simply charge for your management time.

For the purpose of managing risk the client is a JPP client. The advice is provided by JPP Law and so the insurance risk of any transaction is with JPP Law.

Subcontracting offers the following benefits

  • Client retention and no risk of your client being 'poached'
  • No referral fees
  • A potential income stream
  • No insurance risk - the advice is covered by JPP's insurance
  • An additional service you can offer when needed or actively market to your clients

What Services can be offered via sub-contracting.

Any of the services listed on our Services Page

More Questions?

JPP Law's Managing Partner Mark Glenister would be delighted to talk to you and answer any questions about sub-contracting, how it works in practise and the benefits to your firm. To arrange a meeting please call get in touch.