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Selling or Buying a Business - Free 30 Minute Legal Consultation

Selling or Buying a Business - Free 30 Minute Legal Consultation

It is crucial that anyone who is selling or buying a business takes early legal advice

Selling or Buying a Business - Free, 30 Minute Legal Consultation

For anyone who is thinking of selling or buying a business then it's imperative to get legal advice early. 

This is why JPP Law offer a free 30-minute phone consultation for anyone considering the sale or purchase of a business. 

The consultation is free and there is no obligation to use the services of JPP (we just hope you will). 

What can you expect from the call? 

The call will be with commercial law solicitor Mark Glenister. Initially, he will complete some fact finding about the business you are proposing to buy or sell.  He can then provide some initial advice, from a legal perspective, on the early steps you need to be taking to maximise value (selling) or negotiating a better price (buying) and to facilitate a smooth transfer of the business when the time comes. He can also provide an overview of the likely legal process involved in the eventual sale or purchase of the business.  

To arrange a consultation call us on +44 (0)20 3468 3064 or book a 30-minute consultation using Calendly.

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