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Juliette PiP

Juliette PiP

Introducing Juliette Pip and JPP's team of virtual paralegals.

My name is Juliette PiP!

I am the virtual face of JPP law and I represent the "virtues of virtualness"!  JPP, a firm founded in 2014 in a world full of simple and readily available technology, has turned the traditional law firm model on its head. JPP's way of working creates efficiencies, in both time and money, and removes geographical barriers by providing legal advice in new and innovative ways. 

We use;

  • simple technology to conduct meetings - no need to travel, saves time, saves money 
  • online document sharing and editing - quick, reliable and efficient
  • fixed fee quoting where possible and always a "no surprises fee policy"
  • retainer and fixed fee legal packages

A virtual firm, real people

Behind the "virtualness" of JPP is real people.  A team of highly competent solicitors who have achieved at least partnership level at some point in their career but experience is not enough. To work for JPP they also need to be open minded, forward thinking and passionate about what they do. 

Not traditional, still compliant

We may do things differently but when you use JPP you are offered the same safeguards as using a traditional firm. We are a member of the Law Society and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Flexible in our approach

Our solicitors are supported by our team of paralegals. The paralegals conduct legal research, can create simple legal documents and provide basic legal advice which is sometimes all a client requires. They are closely supervised by our qualified lawyers but are significantly cheaper. Our truly flexible approach ensures clients receive quality advice at the best possible price.

Talk to Juliette! 

Use the Live Chat below to ask a question, day or evening (but not between 10PM and 6AM GMT time even avatars have to sleep) ;)