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JPP is a passionate supporter of innovation and can offer advice and guidance on business structure, funding, legal documents including shareholders agreements and intellectual property rights often at a fixed price.

Startup Shareholder Agreement

The Startup Shareholder Agreement

JPP Law understand that startup businesses fear spiraling legal costs which is why we offer a  fixed fee shareholders agreement for startups. Get an expertly drafted shareholders agreement for a reasonable, fixed price. We have years of experience in helping startup companies or investors in the UK who need a shareholders agreement at this exciting stage in their startup development.  JPP will take the time to listen to what you need and create a shareholders agreement designed specifically for your

EMI Eligibility and the EMI Qualifying Conditions

EMI Qualifying Conditions

Enterprise management incentives (EMIs) are a popular way for companies to reward and retain their top-performing employees. These schemes offer tax advantages to both the company and the employee, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to incentivise their staff. However, in order to qualify for these incentives, there are certain EMI qualifying conditions that must be met.  Below we provide a very brief overview of EMI qualifying conditions but the rules are complex which is why offer a


EMI Share Option Scheme Webinar Recording March 2024

Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS) and Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes This is a recording of the webinar which took place on 28 March 2024. Watch the webinar to gain invaluable insights into Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS) and Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes. Designed for business leaders, HR professionals, and financial decision-makers, this session aims to demystify the complexities surrounding these incentive programs. Join our upcoming webinar to gain invaluable insights into Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS) and Enterprise

Settlement agreements for employers

EMI Schemes – Free Initial Legal Consultation

An Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) scheme is a share option for employees which is targeted at small trading companies. These schemes offer favourable tax treatments, and they have been the most popular type of share product in the UK over recent years.

amend a shareholders agreement

Investment Agreements

Starting a new business venture and fundraising is an exciting time but approach with caution. It’s important to understand all the risks and to do all you can to ensure you attract the right kind of investor.


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