JPP is passionate about being open and transparent in providing advice to our clients in an efficient, effective and friendly manner. The way of charging depends on the client’s requirements and we charge in a number of ways, which are always pre-approved by the client as we have a ‘no surprises’ approach to billing.

The main ways of charging are:

Fixed fees for agreed scopes of work

This works best for scopes of work that are easily defined and not open-ended. Clients often like to start working with us in this way. We also offer Fixed Fee Document Packages which are ideal for startup companies.

Hourly rates

This is the basis on which we usually charge for litigation and also for sales and purchases of businesses. This is because these kinds of work are often open-ended. We can sometimes offered fixed or capped fees for sales and purchases depending on the size of the deal and what is involved.

Hourly rates and monthly invoicing

We often work in this way with clients who have been working with us for a long time, and who prefer not to go through a quoting process in relation to their need for ongoing support every month.

Fees on a retainer basis

This works best for clients who have a predictable requirement for a high number of hours support every month. We are sometimes able to offer day or part day fixed fee rates for some of our areas of work.

When we do charge on an hourly rate basis these are our current standard hourly rates (last updated June 2022).
£350 per hour (partners, or partner level solicitor);
£275 per hour (senior associate solicitor);
£200 per hour (associate solicitor); and
£100 per hour (paralegal).

To discuss pricing in more detail or to obtain a quote for a specific piece of work please use the link below to book a no obligation consultation.

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