Our people

A virtual firm with a virtual team structure and a diverse range of skills

As a virtual law firm, our team structure differs from the traditional law firm. JPP’s team of solicitors, based all over the country, offer a diverse range of skills. Our core team of commercial lawyers is supported by a wider network of lawyers many of whom are entrepreneurs outside the legal sector. Like so many of our clients, our lawyers are driven by an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

So why is this good for our clients?

We have the perfect solicitor or legal team for you. With a traditional law firm, the expertise available to you may be limited. With JPP, you can access both our core  team and our network to find your lawyer, or team of lawyers, who perfectly meet your needs.

Meet the legal team

When you make an initial enquiry with us and we understand your requirements, we can send you profile information of the lawyer, or lawyers, who will work with you. That way, before you instruct you can be sure that you have the right legal team for the job.

The support team

Our solicitors are supported by our team of paralegals and administrators. They are closely supervised by our qualified lawyers and their work within our team ensures clients receive quality advice at the best possible price.


Mark Glenister

Introductory Call

This meeting is an introductory call with Mark Glenister to discuss any legal advice requirements you may have.

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