About us

About JPP Law

JPP Law is a virtual law firm that merges the best of the virtual world with the best of a traditional law firm.

The Best Lawyers

Our attractive and flexible working arrangements and innovative methods enable us to attract the best lawyers who fit perfectly with the JPP culture. Our team of solicitors have achieved at least partnership level with high profile firms. They are open minded, forward thinking and passionate about what they do.

Communication Skills

Effective communication between clients and other team members is essential to create a seamless and proactive service. Technology ensures that our team are always accessible via phone, email, video link and document sharing software.


The team is structured in a way that creates efficiencies for our clients. We use simple and readily available technology to conduct meetings and screen-share documents. This cuts down on travel time and cost so that distance is no longer an obstacle to exceptional client care.

We have a no surprises” policy in relation to fees, so the only fees our clients pay are ones they have agreed to in writing.

Client Focussed

We are a people business. At JPP Law we’ve learned that people generally like to work with like-minded people, who take the time to listen to what they want or need. Our client feedback suggests that our clients like doing business with us because we recognise the need to provide practical, expert guidance within an agreed budget.

We also know that having a positive reputation for integrity and transparency is paramount to a law firm.



Mark Glenister

Introductory Call

This meeting is an introductory call with Mark Glenister to discuss any legal advice requirements you may have.

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