Accelerators, Science Parks and Business Incubators

JPP has a history of supporting innovative early stage businesses, and the institutions that support them.

JPP is a passionate supporter of innovation and technology and can offer advice and guidance on business structure, funding, legal documents, including shareholders agreements, and intellectual property rights often at a packaged fixed price.

Via our strong relationships with those who run science and technology parks and university incubators we offer live online webinars to startup and scaleup businesses associated with business incubators and science parks. If we have some background information on the attendees prior to the webinar we can adapt the presentation to be relevant to the audience.
Content can include:

  • Business structure
  • Legal documents from startup to scaleup
  • Financial promotion and getting investor ready
  • Funding and finance – the options including the pro’s and con’s
  • Preparing for eventual sale

The benefit of the live webinars is the opportunity for a Q&A at the end of the presentation. However, if a business has something specific to their business to talk about that isn’t suitable for a public Q&A, we offer a free consultation.

The free consultation isn’t a sales pitch from JPP it’s genuine pro bono advice which can be invaluable for a startup / scaleup business.   We do it because it provides an  introduction to the businesses of the future and we find pro bono advice at the start of their journey, is a great way to build the foundation of a long lasting business relationship.

If you run a science and technology park or a business incubator, please get in touch to discuss how JPP Law can offer practical help to all of the businesses that you support.

Mark Glenister

Introductory Call

This meeting is an introductory call with Mark Glenister to discuss any legal advice requirements you may have.

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