Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking technology to an entirely new level. From Apple’s personal assistant Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, AI has become part of our day-to-day lives but with these life changing technologies comes a host of legal risks and challenges.

As experts in AI Law, we are here to help you embrace the opportunities that these technologies present whilst mitigating risks. We offer comprehensive advice and support on the full spectrum of AI related legal issues, so you can navigate and innovate in the evolving AI landscape with confidence.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Law Services

  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Our AI legal experts will guide you through data protection laws both in the UK/Europe and around the world, and advise you on the related legal implications that go hand in hand with AI technology.

  • Transactions

We understand that all new technology transactions come with their own unique set of risks, so we provide solutions to help you recognise and minimise those uncertainties.

  • Intellectual Property

Our extensive experience in intellectual property law has enabled us to support a vast range of clients in identifying and protecting their ideas and assets.

  • Fintech

We advise clients on all aspects of fintech, including how it combines with AI and the associated financial and regulatory obligations.

  • Employment Law

The evolution of AI has a direct impact on human resources and employment law. We specialise in helping businesses navigate common challenges resulting from the transformation of workplaces.

  • Trade

Laws relating to the use of AI vary between countries, so we will support you in working with overseas partners and adhering to different trade controls.

  • Governance and Ethics

We implement robust AI governance policies to encompass litigation, reputation management, safety and accountability.

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