JPP Law has a deep understanding of both technology and financial services law and regulation which makes us the perfect legal partner for any Fintech business.

The evolution of the financial service sector and the rapid growth of Fintech is set to continue and JPP Law is at the heart of it. Technology is enhancing efficiency, security and compliance within the financial services sector but innovation that aims to disrupt the market by challenging current business models, needs solid, effective legal support.

The Fintech team at JPP Law not only understand the sector but also understand how to tackle the legal challenges that financial services innovation can create.

A range of legal specialisms to support your Fintech Business

We offer the full spectrum of commercial legal services to cover all your Fintech law needs.

  • Startup and Scaleup

We support businesses at all stages of their lifecycle but many of our existing Fintech clients are startup or scaleup companies which have developed innovative new technology. Businesses at this stage need very specific legal support to guide them through investment, innovation challenges, rapid growth and eventual exit. JPP Law has the expertise to help.

  • Finance and Financial Regulation

We can guide your business through the regulatory maze of the financial services sector, advising on legal, regulatory and compliance requirements. Where necessary we can engage with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other relevant regulators and government bodies on your behalf.

  • Technology

We don’t just understand financial services law and regulation, we understand technology law including cloud, software, AI, SaaS and digital services. Our technology lawyers help businesses at every stage to protect and develop the technology and the chosen business model, underpinning it with solid commercial agreements and, where appropriate, intellectual property protection.

  • Data Protection

The financial service and Fintech sector is heavily impacted by data protection law and privacy matters. Our Fintech team includes experienced data protection lawyers who can advise on the data protection risks, opportunities and breaches in the world of Fintech.

  • Business Growth and Funding

We have supported numerous startup and scaleup businesses through the legal aspect of their funding round. We can help at every stage from preparing your business for the first funding round to drafting the legally binding documents that will seal the deal.

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