Software and SaaS

Technology is central to all modern businesses and with that technology comes a specific set of rules and regulations. Whether you are a provider or a customer of SaaS or software services, it’s important that you understand your responsibilities.

We have a deep understanding of SaaS and software, along with many years of experience in the area. This means we are perfectly placed to support you with the legal advice you need to handle all aspects of your software projects, from licensing and procurement to maintenance and distribution.

Software and SaaS Providers

Whether you are a software developer or you’re a provider of SaaS, we can advise you on how to best structure your offer to gain maximum returns on your investment, while staying compliant with regulations. Our services include:

  • SaaS agreements and contracts
  • Software developer agreements
  • VAR agreements
  • Licensing
  • Third party agreements
  • Intellectual property management and infringement
  • Exploitation of software including shrink wrap, click wrap and standard
  • Pricing, fee structuring and subscriptions
  • Customer data management
  • Backups and storage
  • Supplier and customer obligations

Software and SaaS Customers

As specialist technology lawyers, we have extensive experience of working with all types of web-based solutions and a deep understanding of the different issues that can arise. Our services include:

  • Licensing
  • Service level agreements
  • Third party agreements
  • Backups and storage
  • Data protection
  • Complaints
  • Liability
  • Scalability
  • Customer rights
  • Supplier and partner obligations

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