Webinar: Navigating the Legal Aspects of a Funding Round

This webinar is designed to unravel the legal aspects of funding which are critical to success. Tailored for startup founders this session will provide a comprehensive overview of the legal considerations inherent in a funding round.

When: 2 May 2024, 10AM (GMT)

Key Highlights 

  • Negotiation Strategies

Learn how to shape negotiations from the outset to achieve the most favourable outcomes.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Gain an overview of how the ‘financial promotion’ regulations relate to funding rounds.

  • Terms Sheet Deep Dive

Delve into the term sheet and understand why the detail is so important.

  • Understanding Funding Round Structures

Explore funding round structures, which usually develop from seed rounds to series funding, and understand the legal implications associated with each stage.

  • Funding Round Documentation

Understand how the typical funding round documents work together and the risks for founders.

  • Investor Relations Post-Funding

Examine the legal responsibilities and expectations of both founders and investors after the completion of a funding round. Explore ways to foster positive ongoing relationships and mitigate potential legal challenges.

  • Q&A Session

Engage in a live Q&A session with legal experts well-versed in funding round intricacies.

This webinar promises to equip participants with the legal knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of a funding round successfully.

Join us to ensure that your funding journey is strategically robust and legally sound.

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