Mothers to be given greater protection against redundancy
The government says it wants to provide mothers and pregnant women with better protection against the threat of redundancy.
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Employers pay out more than £83,000 in tribunal penalties
Employers have had to pay out more than £83,000 under the tribunal penalty regime that came into force last year.
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Employer wins appeal over redundancy payments
An employer has won an appeal against having to make redundancy payments to employees who were unwilling to relocate to a new workplace.
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EasyJet compensates hostess sacked for eating sandwich
EasyJet has compensated an air hostess who was sacked for eating one of the company's bacon sandwiches that was given to her by her manager.
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Managing the online reputation of your business
In a world where business is increasingly conducted online, customers are choosing to turn to the internet in order to share their experiences of all manner of commercial transactions. This ranges from rating their plumber to ranting about poor service from their utilities provider.
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Why Do You Need Limited Liability?
Limited Companies are the vehicle of choice for most owner managed businesses. In our latest video we look at limited liability - it does what it says on the tin!
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You’ve Decided You Need a Lawyer
So you have decided that you need to hire a lawyer. Here are some tips on how to find the right one and what you should expect in your initial conversations.
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Sweat Equity
Sweat equity, it sounds really unpleasant doesn't it? But what is it, and how does it work? Our short video gives you the basics.
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Start Ups – The Founder’s Roles and Responsibities
So, you've got your limited company set up. How many different hats do you need to wear to cover all your responsibilities?
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What Agreements Does a Start Up Need?
In this short video, we look at what agreements every start up business should have.
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