Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet is no longer just about computers and mobile devices. Today we are all connected to the online world via a vast range of objects, including cars, medical devices, kitchen appliances, smart meters and doorbells.

This new ecosystem is referred to as The Internet of Things (IoT) and it represents a huge part of the global economy; estimated to be worth trillions of pounds. As with many new opportunities, a host of legal challenges have arisen from the ever-changing digital landscape. We are here to help you navigate those challenges with ease.

Our team of technology lawyers are highly experienced in the IoT arena. We are dedicated to helping organisations of all types and sizes embrace innovation without risking their data or reputations. We can provide you with expert counsel in areas including:

• Intellectual Property and Licensing

As new products and ideas continue to emerge, competition is rife. We offer extensive experience to help inventors protect their secrets and empower businesses to build their IP assets with due diligence and confidence.

• Data Privacy

The IoT relies on a huge amount of data which is shared with everyone from service providers to marketers. Our team of tech law experts will help you navigate the maze of modern data protection law with ease and ensure your company is in line with all appropriate regulations and requirements.

• Data Ownership

The IoT presents many opportunities to monetise and leverage assets but managing relationships with different providers and customers can be complex. We can help you obtain maximum value from your technology and services whilst keeping in line with legislation.

• Cyber Security

As the IoT ecosystem continues to grow, so too do the number of threats. Hackers now have access to a huge amount of data, across a vast range of devices, so sound risk identification and management is essential. We are highly versed in managing the risks presented by emerging technologies and can support you with everything from risk assessments to incident management and cyber security strategies.

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