Standard Terms of Business (T&Cs)

Ensuring you are clear about your terms and what you expect from your customers or clients is essential for a successful business.

Instead of having to draft separate T&Cs for every new venture, setting out clear terms in a single document is far more cost effective and efficient and will help you avoid unnecessary complications. 

Drafting Standard Terms of Business

At JPP Law we help businesses of all sizes draft standard T&Cs that streamline processes and protect against problems. We are renowned for our precise, professional work and expertise and we go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. 

The key to creating standard T&Cs is to gain a thorough understanding of how your business works, what you offer, and the customers, suppliers and partners you deal with. It’s also imperative that your terms are clearly set out and easy to understand, so writing in plain, concise English is essential. Lack of clarity can lead to disagreements and disputes so we ensure your needs and expectations are clearly outlined from the outset. 

We can provide you with the legal advice you need to ensure your T&Cs are accurate, transparent and appropriate to your industry. We will be happy to review your existing T&Cs or draft new ones. 

Limiting Liability  

One of the most valuable benefits of drafting T&Cs is that should a disagreement arise, you have already covered all bases. T&Cs that either lack enough detail or include unreasonable limitations may render them unenforceable if there is a dispute. We ensure your T&Cs are comprehensive, enforceable and limit your liability to the extent possible.  

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